Must Visit Places of Tuscany

Tuscany is the Italian town where history breathes newly every day. It lives in its Renaissance paintings, vineyards, a medieval hill town, villas, and farmhouses. This picturesque rural region is trapped in a time long gone and that’s what makes visiting this place so irresistible- it’s like stepping back in time. If you are planning a vacation in here then you will be able to stay in Tuscan coast villas which will give you plenty of scenic beaches and oceans to enjoy. Now that you can put your travel bag down in a place, let’s explore the must-see places of Tuscany:


Situated between the cypress forests of Livorno, this region hosts a bunch of clustered little towns. The cork forests of Livorno roll all the way out into the hills of Campiglia Marittima on the western side and into the lush greenery of the Marsiliana Reserve on the eastern side. Enjoy the intimate rough stone buildings which form the central circle and are also the place where an early Renaissance castle lives in the alleyways of the old nostalgic town below. There are also gourmet joints, cellar doors, beautiful porticos which are situated in Via Matteotti that runs in the middle of it all.


Pitigliano is the face of postcards and travel brochures, this town of stone and brick which towers from the middle of the borderlands between Tuscany and Lazio. You can enjoy the winding cobblestone streets that weave under archways and feel the bougainvilleas that sweep low. It actually feels like an organic extension of the tufa rock hinges below and seems to have been chiseled by the historical Etruscans and polished by the Romans and bestowed with the wealth of the Orsini family. You can admire the winding cobblestone streets that weave under archways, shadowy stairways that lead to the enchanting synagogues and under bougainvilleas that sweep low. Don’t miss out of the traditional festivals over on the Piazza Garibaldi in here.


This place looks like a paint stroke of terracotta and brownstone against the olive and fir forests of the Apuan Alps. Leaning on the hillsides of Carrara and Massa, this mighty place houses the Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo which is famous for its intimidating skyline that has towered since the 12th century. You can just stroll along and enjoy this town which is full of the Old Italian that can be viewed in the stuccoed storeys and stone buildings which fill up the place.


Barga pokes above the Tuscan highlands, in the shadow of the snow-topped mountain summits of the mist-mantled Pania Della Croce. This place harbors olive trees and chestnut forests which lie with the yellow, beige and lemon coloured structures reminding one of an old Renaissance. But this ethereal beauty is a beautiful contrast to the icy hills located behind. So if you want to be charmed by beauty, this is the place to go to. Additionally, the Italian Touring Club awarded it the prestigious Orange Flag. Enjoy its rustic beauty, piazzas, red telephone boxes and close-knit streets, but remember to arrive in time for the annual Sagra Del Pesce e Patate festival.


The concentric walls of Monteriggioni are like a time machine where you will be able to see a town which is encased in a 600-meter-long bulwark of stone built in the 13th century. Don’t miss out on seeing the flower-clad trattoria gardens, the inner sanctum of sun-splashed piazzas and the olive-dotted hinterland of stunning central Tuscany just outside. Enjoy the town by strolling along and just letting in its aura and aroma.


Some might be familiar with the name from twilight but this old homeland of the Etruscans is so much more than a film destination. Leaning into the highland ridges of western Tuscany, this place is an Etruscans in a patchwork of medieval stone which was built and fell by the Romans, then the Tuscan dukes and then ultimately by the Medici family. But enjoy the city’s beautiful cobblestone streets, ubiquitous basilicas, crumbling gateways along with the unique red-tiled roofs as the sporadic piazzas bubble up with the routine chatter of Italian folks.


Do you love painting the town red?? Then Montepulciano is the place you should head to. Famous for its red brick and terracotta houses along with its red grape growing vineyards, this rustic place is where people who love Italian rural places turn to. Must visit places include the Piazza Grande which is a marble and travertine masterpiece? There you can view the Palazzo Nobili-Tarugi and the Palazzo Comunale which are housed in towering chiseled columns and mysterious archways. Below exists tight-knit streets which weave in and out of the tiled roof houses, both a reminder of Roman influence and Etruscan history.

Tuscany is the place where you should come to relax in the rural and rustic nature of the place. It gives you the chance to just forget about your worries and enjoy the beaches, the architecture, and the vineyards. The best way to enjoy Tuscany is just by strolling along, shopping your heart out, eating the best of Tuscany, you must follow a guide for street shopping in Florence as well in case if you are making a visit, and taking anything and everything in, just enjoy being in the moment. So just pack up and head out to a journey which will relax you and bring out the Renaissance person in you.

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