4 Useful Tips to Avoid Losing Earrings

We all know that it is really frustrating to lose earrings and never find them again. You buy them with utmost care and you don’t want to spend most of your time searching for either of the sparkly pairs. To avoid this inconvenience altogether, there are certain hacks, which can be used to keep them from getting lost.

Screw Backs:

This type of earring backs are made for studs and they are threaded. Most of the women don’t have the time for holding them with precision to wind and unwind them twice a day. Once you lose either of them, you have to start looking for another similar screw back. This can be annoying as they come in various sizes. Instead, you can use a friction back, which is much easier to use. Moreover, friction back has a small channel towards the end of the back, which won’t come off until it is forcibly removed. Many women choose friction backs over screw backs as they are easier to use.

Hooking Them to Each Other:

The easiest tip ever to avoid losing your earrings is to enclose them together. You can put one earring through the back of another after it has already been put through its earring back. This way, you are locking it up as a single piece and it is easy to store.

Hoop Earring Backs:

Most of the hoops are loose and can come off easily from your ear. If it does, you should get them adjusted by a local experienced jeweler, who would probably charge you very less for fixing them. A little check on such earrings should be done while buying or trying them on. This would relieve you from the worry of losing them throughout the day.   


Pin Your Earrings:

This hack also works perfectly to secure them in one place. You can pin your earrings to a larger object so that it holds them firmly and doesn’t get lost. For example, a cork can be used vertically to pin the earrings and it will be stored safely in place. One more tip is to always carry a zipper pouch with you while travelling. This way, whenever there’s a need to take them off, it can be stored properly in the pouch.

Hook Style Earring Back:

Hooks are the best earring backs because they stay in place no matter what physical activity you are performing throughout the day. Also, most hook styles are round like a wheel and can roll out of your ear easily. There is another type of hook earring back, which is twisted at the curve so that it sits properly. When adjusted at a position, there’s no chance of losing them.

Earrings are precious to every woman and need to be taken care of just like treasure. After all, it only demands a little attention in return to the compliments they fetch you. Other than those mentioned, people still come across some other daily life hacks, which can really be beneficial. Flaunt your earrings as much as you want to and be equally careful with them when it comes to maintenance.

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